Editorial Policy

Posters, Avignon, 2008

Rule 1: What is posted, is posted

I do not unsay things. If a post goes up, it stays up. This blog is also a chronicle of my mistakes and my ignorance.

The exception to Rule 1 is hitting the "Publish" button accidentally. In that case, I will unpublish the article immediately. To date, this has not happened.

Rule 1 only applies to blog posts, not "Pages"—Dear Reader, About Me, and this one.

Rule 2: What is said, is said

I do not make substantive changes to posts once they're up without visibly marking such revisions. I may, however, change the wording, tweak paragraph breaks or subtitles, correct spelling, or make other similar adjustments to clarify my intent.

Rule 2 does not apply to fictional or whimsical articles or to "Pages" other than this one. I have, for example, repeatedly revised How To Get Enlightened.

Rule 3: Comments are welcome

I welcome comments. There are no forbidden words, topics, or thoughts here, beyond restrictions set by law. Instead of censoring something I don't like, I will voice my objection to it.

I accept anonymous comments, but am less likely to take them seriously. I like to have a face to relate to.

The exceptions to Rule 3 are spam, trolling, and flooding.

I count as spam any comment that I judge to be primarily intended to drive traffic somewhere else or promote some cause, product, or similar. I have comment moderation set to ON for old posts to make spamming a bit more difficult.

I count as trolling comments primarily intended to provoke a reaction.

I count as flooding comments that consist primarily of blocks of content recycled from another source, with minimal original contribution.

I delete comments I judge to be spam, trolling, or flooding immediately, permanently, and without warning.

Rule 4: Privacy of email communication

Feel free to email me. My address is firstname.lastname@iki.fi (you know where to find my first name and last name). However, unless you indicate in the message that it is "off the record," "confidential," or similar, I reserve the right to publish it or its content here.

Naturally, I follow normal journalistic ethics regarding highly delicate matters of private life. That is, I don't publish them unless there is a compelling public interest to do so.

Rule 5: Anonymity and Pseudonymity

Spambots have found my blog. Binning anonymous spam is annoying. Therefore I've disabled anonymous commenting. I have no prejudice against pseudonyms, but the better established your pseudonym is, the more initial respect I start with.

By "established pseudonym" I mean any relatively stable online identity with a bunch of activity associated with it, e.g. Blogger profile, Twitter handle, Google profile, OpenID, etc.

Rule Ω: The rules are subject to change without notice

Circumstances change. These rules change subject to circumstances. I will not knowingly deviate from these rules. Instead, if I feel it necessary, I will change them, and maintain a revision history on this page.

Revision history

June 21, 2012
Revised Rule 5 concerning anonymity and pseudonymity.
November 29, 2011
Added Rule 5 concerning anonymity and pseudonymity.
January 11, 2011
I have allowed anonymous comments, so I updated that part of the policy to match.
September 20, 2010
Added exceptions to Rules 1 and 2 for "Pages."
September 18, 2010
1. Initial version. 2. Added Rule 4.