Friday, October 7, 2011

Meditation on a Watch


I can tell what kind of day I'm having by looking at my watch.

On some days I look at it and go "Damn, those hands are crooked, and the detailing isn't very good, and I'd really rather have a completely different kind of watch. Like an aviator watch maybe."

On other days I look at it and go "Hey, that is one fine watch."

On other days I look at it and wonder if it's fast, or slow.

On yet other days I look at it and go "It's 12:30."

The first kind of day is not a pleasant one.

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  1. You've got a nice watch!
    The people at Nomos were kind enough to send me a catalogue, but I still haven't found the justification to part with the money... let's see if next year I still have a job :)

  2. But the watch never changes. Be careful you could end up with a poem here, Prime J.

    That is a lovely thing in the picture, but I would have no idea how to tell the time from it. On the rare occasions when I feel I need to know that, I look at my emergency-only antique flip phone, so that at least it serves some purpose.

  3. Reality is what we make of it?

  4. Ah.The front. I see. I hope you got as big a laugh out of that as I did.

  5. Just found this blog of yours after being a fan of your posts to DP Review years ago. Your writing is even better now, if on different topics.

    Your illustration of your first kind of day resonates with me right now. I have been trying to instill in myself a sense of "positive critique" or something for which I have no words: an idea that life is miserable if I am always criticizing and finding faults (even if--especially if--I'm right). I'm not proposing a life devoid of discernment but to be cheerful about it and to make my choices based on the aspects I love rather than those that I hate.