Monday, August 22, 2011

Well, it worked

Tripoli has fallen to the Libyan Transitional National Council. I'm pretty sure this wouldn't have happened without the NATO intervention that I was feeling so ambivalent about. There are no significant foreign ground forces in the country either; the Libyans did all of the face to face fighting. That is good.

Libya now is a very fragile polity. It's entirely possible that it'll fragment along tribal, ethnic, or geographic lines. That would be tragic, as such wars drag on for a very long time.

But if it doesn't, and what emerges is something resembling a decent state, then the intervention will have been worth it. North Africa from Egypt to Tunisia will no longer be in the hand of corrupt authoritarian dictators. That is good news for Algeria and Morocco as well, although perhaps not their leaders. It also ought to hearten the Syrians, who have nothing to give their revolution but their bodies.



  2. Yeah, definite shades of comic opera here. But I still say it's all over bar the shouting. Once the rebels are at the gates of the fortified compound, it's pretty much over.