Friday, July 22, 2011

Somewhere Else

We're on vacation. Naturally, we went Somewhere Else.

We just took a little vacation from our vacation, to go Somewhere Else from Somewhere Else.

We stayed at a maison d'hôtes that was rather unusual. It had an Oriental garden, complete with koi pond and aviary with a flock of rather sullen cockatiels. Each of the rooms had a theme. Ours was Mexico. It was fuchsia and blue and brickword and had a sombrero, a lamp shaped like a cactus, and colorful tiles. Bali was next door, just past the Buddha. The others were Morocco and Caribbean. I hear Morocco is particularly sumptious.

So you could go Somewhere Else, from Somewhere Else, from Somewhere Else. In your imagination at least.

The place also had an éspace Zen. That involved a ridiculously beautiful view over the Îles d'Or of Hyères, a jacuzzi that sprayed perfume and played musique Zen at us, a room with a massage table and aromatic oils, a bottle of chilled rosé wine, and a tray of anchoïade, tapenade, and délice de tomates on croûtons. Plus a clock with a Buddha on it, a big oil painting of a Buddha, and a plaster statuette of a portly monk bowing deferentially in gassho towards the jacuzzi.

So you could go Beyond Somewhere Else, from Somewhere Else, from Somewhere Else, from Somewhere Else.

It was fun, but a little surreal. Like being in somebody else's dream.

Is there a pattern here?

Sur la Plage Ensoleillée, Carqueiranne

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  1. Sounds quite enjoyable. Perhaps when you've escaped from/to enough Somewhere Elses the next change will be to go back where you first came from, and find it's now Somewhere Else.