Sunday, July 24, 2011

Faces of Nonviolence


  1. If you may tolerate some quibble, I'd put José Bové on the same page as Nelson Mandela (even if if did not reach the same accomplishments - from what I understand, the means may count more here?) : his campaigns have indeed involved violence, at least in the form of destruction (the McDonald restaurant in Millau and the GM crops destructions), in a manner not completely unrelated to the sabotage actions of Mandela.

    But that's only a quibble, and promotion of non-violence goes way beyond that.

  2. Yes, that's debatable. I hesitated a bit before including him. On balance, though, I think there is a significant difference between destruction of property and violence against humans, and Nelson Mandela was involved in and supported violence against humans. He never repudiated it, either.

    FWIW, I think this whole violence against humans thing is an incredibly thorny question; it's one I've been grappling with for a very long time. There are people on the "Terrorism" page I greatly admire, and people on the "Nonviolence" page with whom I have deep differences. Not all of the terrorists lost; not all of the nonviolent ones won, and vice versa.