Sunday, February 7, 2010


Sunlight on Bricks
Sunlight on Bricks, Helsinki, 2009

I probably shouldn't have dissed Jiddu Krishnamurti in a comment the other day. He had his revenge -- today's zazenkai wasn't fun at all. I got a pain in my hip that I in no shape or form could "go beyond," and when I gave up and switched to seiza for the last two rounds of zazen, I got so blissed out from not being in pain that I nearly fell asleep. And to top it, I got confused and did all the wrong things during recitation. I think I only really practiced for about ten minutes total, tops.

Could be it's just lingering after-effects of the H1N1 shot I took the other day, though, and not Krishnamurti after all.

Still, I did get to stuff a zafu during samu, so it didn't all go to waste. Turned out nice, plump, black, and round. Very satisfying in its way.

Oh well, back to the ol' drawing board...


  1. Yeah, this karmic stuff can be harsh at times. Makes one wonder if we wouldn't be better off back to the original sin, eh?

    I mean, at least you can be lippy without making thing worse.

  2. Walp, it worked, even if it wasn't much fun. I feel much more together today than I did on Saturday. Damnedest thing, zazen...

  3. If my Zazen feels flawless, I know I am doing something wrong.

  4. I wouldn't know anything about that; it's never felt anything close to flawless...

  5. Hehe thats kinda the point. If my Zazen feel 'right' I know it probably isn't. Flawless is only in my head, not in my practice.

  6. That's true, I'm sure. Still, there is the matter that Brad brought up on his blog -- it's not easy to get your ass on the zafu on a regular basis. I don't know if I could keep doing it if it wasn't really genuinely enjoyable from time to time.

    (It was rather nice yesterday, as it happens, so I'm cool.)