Saturday, February 27, 2010

Foamy the Squirrel on Western Zen

A friend of mine introduced me to Foamy the Squirrel. He just sent me a link to one of his latest rants. I thought it was funny enough to re-blog here.

No other commentary, it speaks for itself...


  1. Outing posers makes one SO the real thing.

    Fucking noobs, those Hollywood celebs!

    By the way, do you haze freshmen (sorry, freshpersons)in your Buddhist frats?

  2. The traditional way is to chase them off with a stick, and if they come back, make them sit outside in the snow for a week or two. If they won't go away after that, we let them in and allow them to practice.

    If you're in a hurry, though, you can always pull some really spectacularly futile gesture, like cutting your hand off at the wrist with a rusty saw. That usually works.

  3. The waiting in the snow wouldn't work that well down south.

    But, and please be honest, doesn't always Edward Norton get out after a while saying 'There, there, come on in, there's hot chocolate waiting'?

  4. That's why we build 'em on the mountains. Duh!

  5. HA! I've loved foamy the squirrel for sometime now, even posted a couple of the vid's up on my blog. We are both Squirrels at heart! I didn't know he put out a Zen one, AWESOME. I may just need ot link back to you for this one.

    I wonder if he got my email awhile back then? :-D