Sunday, February 28, 2010

Another month, another zazenkai

Fishing Through Ice In Frozen Mist
Fishing Through Ice In Frozen Mist, Helsinki, 2010

This one went OK. Better than the last one, anyway. I managed to practice – more or less – most of the time, and only got into a bad posture during one round of zazen, which caused my right hip to scream bloody murder again. Other than that, I hurt a good deal less than on the previous ones.

Went to daisan again. It was nice. Got some advice about my practice in ice-hockey metaphors which flew right past me, but I think I got the intent anyway. (Maybe I should start following some sports one of these days.)

Next up is a weekend retreat in another couple of weeks, assuming they got my registration and accepted me.

My practice hasn't been all that great lately, actually, but I think I found it again. Ups and downs are all a part of it, or so I've heard tell...

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