Saturday, December 19, 2009

Buoyed Up

Buoyed Up
Buoyed Up, originally uploaded by Petteri Sulonen.

Looks like we're headed for a white Christmas. This boat is just nearby where I live, and it looks like somebody failed to take it out of the water on time.

What I'm really curious about, though, is the line of tracks from left to right, paying the boat a quick visit. It was a long line of tracks on the ice, quite solitary, following the shoreline, coming ashore for a brief while, and then cutting across the Kaisaniemenlahti toward Tokoinranta, proceeding in a stately straight line of one who knows exactly where they're going.

They look like dog tracks, but then what kind of dog is adventuring on the ice all by himself? There are plenty of rabbits here, so I'm thinking that it just might be a fox come to show them a bit of love. They're pretty big for fox tracks, though, but with all that tasty rabbit to eat, perhaps they get a bit big.

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