Thursday, November 26, 2009

Taking pictures again

I'm back to taking pictures. Not "photography" this time, because "photography" is something you do with a big black heavy serious camera, whereas I've only been using a tiny black fun camera, which can only be used to "take pictures." It's been a pretty long hiatus, and it's nice to notice that I can still take pictures, and some of them even turn out rather nice. At least I like them.

Sunlight on Steel 2
Sunlight on Steel, November, Helsinki

I've been taking pictures and occasionally doing photography since I was about 8 or 9; by the time I was 11 or 12, I was developing my own film and making my own prints in a darkroom set up in the basement. But it's very much an on-and-off thing; I've had multi-year breaks on several occasions. Once I even sold all of my cameras, since I was a bit short on money and I felt vaguely guilty with all that glass knocking around the place doing nobody any good.

But now I'm back to it. Kinda strange, actually, that I've always preferred taking pictures in late autumn or winter, when there's precious little light to go around. Summer nights are nice, too, though, but I don't care for summer daylight, photographically speaking.

I did a small series of my new stuff. It's on Flickr, if anyone's interested. I called it November Light.

Concrete Is Beautiful
Concrete Is Beautiful, November, Helsinki


  1. Very beautiful and effective set. Bridges, rr and trees in particular. Glad to see the fruits of your camera appearing once again.